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Post No. 1 – Reinvention

Breathing new life into this project with a new blog. If peeps still follow music blogs, I’ll be keeping a …read more

DIY Recording Studio #3 – The Walls

Building out the studio walls – Specifically what I wanted to do here was minimize the vibrations and/or oscillations both …read more

UTB YouTube Channel

‘The Pink Giger’ – Modified Ibanez RGTHRG2 HR GIGER

The ‘Pink Giger’, as it has become known. I play this guitar a fair amount.  The intonation is spot on …read more

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DIY Recording Studio #2 – Frame Out

Part 2 of the home studio build out – Framing is underway.  Floors are raised about an inch+ on rubber …read more

Fretwire Chart for Guitar

Always thinking about my next build.  I’m currently finishing up three builds for the UTB project and thought this chart …read more

DIY Recording Studio #1 – Planning the Space

I’m cleaning out a corner of my home basement in order to build a DIY recording studio.  Between being on …read more

Washburn MG 104TCS USA Custom

Getting a few inquiries on deets/photos of what my Washburn MG104 looks like… At the time of the endorsement, my …read more