Indie Artist/Guitarist Blog
Rock | Metal | Instrumental
Boston, MA

Indie Artist/Guitarist Blog
Rock | Metal | Instrumental
Boston, MA

About Dellus.Net

Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal & Instrumental Music. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, guitarist Dave D. (Dellus) is a graduate of the Musician’s Institute and a …more

Ibanez RGTHRG2 HR GIGER Series Guitar

The ‘Pink Giger’, as it’s become known. Used eBay purchase ($400/wc) that I play a fair amount.  The intonation is spot on and …more

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Bonesaw Frankenstein Guitar – Prototype #1

Here’s my pass at a tribute build to two of my all time hero’s. Frankenstein and Eddie Van Halen. Photos:     Specifications: …more


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Strictly 7 Guitars S7G SOLAR 7

As I understand it, this specific model was part of the first run of builds by S7G USA and Ola Englund in 2012.  …more

Bonesaw Prototype #2 – The TripleX Tiger-Snake

Bonesaw Prototype #2 – A mashup of snakeskin, hand burnt tiger stripes, skull relic’ing and ‘Until The Bones’ graffiti. Specs & Pics: Warmoth ‘Soloist’ …more

Download | Shockified

Shockified by Dellus Download on BandCamp Quick and dirty scratch track, inspired late night by the ‘man that made a monster’. Insomnia riffing …more

Fretwire Chart for Guitar

Adding to the site for my own reference and anyone else who may find it helpful.   Mfr/Sup. No. Height Width Dunlop 6320 …more


The Rusty Cooley 7 String XENOCIDE. This is a 2010 model I purchased used.  Impeccable attention to detail on this custom shop model …more

DIY Recording Studio #2 – Frame Out

Framing the ECR-Underground is underway.  Floors are raised about an inch+ on rubber blocks to avoid moisture and floor vibrations, adding some additional …more

DIY Recording Studio #1 – Planning the Space

Part 1 of getting ready to build the UTB Studio – Basement cleaning in all it’s glory. Not much to see here, but …more

Washburn MG 104TCS Signature

Getting a few inquiries on deets/photos of what my Washburn MG104 looks like… At the time of the endorsement, my main guitar was …more