Presonus FaderPort 2

Been using the Presonus FaderPort Classic for some time in my home studio and was recently gifted the V2 model over the holidays.  After some trial and error, sharing a few notes here that may help others get this setup quickly.  A few things to note when installing on a Mac.

  • If your using both legacy and new Presonus hardware at the same time, you’ll need TWO versions of the Universal Control Software installed The latest version, for new Presonus hardware, and the version currently supported for your older hardware (For me, it’s Universal Control 1.6.5875 in order to support a FireStudio Project Interface).  Both versions will run at the same time without issues.
  • Make sure you disconnect your devices BEFORE installing the updated UC software. Restart and reconnect.  This worked for me.
  • Also, (if your using the Studio One DAW), make sure put the FaderPort V2 into ‘Studio One mode’. While the FaderPort is powered on: Hold down the “next button” and press “Solo” for Studio One mode.
  • Lastly, if you experience a blue/red flashing light on your older Presonus interface after installing the latest UC (I did), make sure the Clock Source (internal or SPDIF) in your Audio Device settings matches the legacy version UC Clock Source Settings.


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