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Bonesaw Prototype #1 – The ‘Franky’

Here’s my pass at a tribute build to two of my all time hero’s. Frankenstein and Eddie Van Halen. Pics & Specs:   …more


The Rusty Cooley 7 String XENOCIDE. This is a 2010 model I purchased used.  Impeccable attention to detail on this custom shop model …more

‘The Pink Giger’ – Modified Ibanez RGTHRG2 HR GIGER

The ‘Pink Giger’, as it has become known. I play this guitar a fair amount.  The intonation is spot on and RARELY has …more

Washburn MG 104TCS Signature

Getting a few inquiries on deets/photos of what my Washburn MG104 looks like… At the time of the endorsement, my main guitar was …more